2024-02-27 Writing Go templ with Emacs
tags: htmx | templ | emacs | go
2024-01-14 From Arch Linux to Gentoo Linux
tags: linux
2023-12-31 Fixing Vulkan Validation Error in MoltenVK on macOS
tags: macos | vulkan
2023-10-10 My combo for Rust Web Development
tags: htmx | rust
2023-07-18 Web Development in Rust and Insanity
tags: rust | axum
2023-05-27 shapeless-blog is getting rusty
tags: go | rust
2022-11-22 Writing Swift in Emacs
tags: macos | swift | emacs
2022-09-18 Preparing Swift development environment on Arch Linux
tags: linux | swift
2022-08-30 Fuck guix
tags: guix | linux
2022-08-04 Touch Typing
tags: medicine | thoughts
2022-07-25 Emacs lsp clients comparison
tags: emacs
2022-07-12 Legacy define-key and global-set-key in Emacs
tags: emacs
2022-06-29 Install Artix Linux (Armtix) on Raspberry Pi
tags: linux | raspberrypi
2022-06-24 Install Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi
tags: raspberrypi | linux
2022-06-22 First impression on raspberry pi
tags: linux | raspberrypi
2022-06-14 Rustup Rabbit Hole
tags: linux | rust
2022-06-13 Emacs Installation Tutorial
tags: emacs
2022-06-12 A New Start
tags: emacs